Kathy was invaluable when we sold our single family home.  We could not of done without her help, experience and patience!  We listed our home for sale with Kathy at 9:00 pm on a Monday night, and Kathy had it sold by noon the very next day !  She took care of everything, we had the smoothest sale of our home, we had not sold a home before, but Kathy made it so easy and smooth for us.  She was wonderful, professional, and efficient.  We will always use Kathy for any real estate transactions in the future!

Ernest & Rebecca Ortega



Kathy is great, especially since she lives in a manufactured home herself, she knows this type of home and the manufactured home market inside and out.  She sold our home in Casa De Amigos in 15 days of listing with her.

Mike and Marilyn Sullivan (past Casa De Amigos residents)



Use Kathy to list your home, she knows her stuff!  She is the best mobile home agent out there!  

Paul Joiner (previous Casa De Amigos resident)


We had our home listed with the "other mobile home agent" no one sold it, we listed with Kathy and sold it within 1 month !  She is great !  She is professional !   

Burt & Carol Elias (previous Casa De Amigos resident)


You want to use Kathy, she knows the parks and the specific requirements for park approval, we could not of gotten our buyers approved in Adobe Wells if it were not for her great work and relationship with the park managers.  You want a smooth sale, then use Kathy !

Robert & Miriam Martin (Adobe Wells resident)


My wife and I sold our mobile home in Plaza Del Rey with Kathy and purchased our first single family home thru Kathy as well, it was great!  She handled all the tiny and time consuming details, we closed escrow on time, and it went so smoothly I was amazed!  I wont use anyone other than Kathy!

John and Andrea Cochran (Plaza Del Rey resident & Now New Home owners!)


Kathy was just super, we listed our manufactured home with her in El Dorado Park, and we were so impressed with her professionalism and communication with us, it was wonderful, even after the sale, she continued to stay on top of money held in escrow for repairs and made sure it was returned to us.  Thanks Kathy !

Gary Justice (former El Dorado Residents)


Kathy Listed our townhome in Santa Clara for us, we had all kinds of concerns and questions, and Kathy put us at ease, she knew all the answers to our questions, she was on top of every step along the way, even when we had problems, she stepped up and worked them out with the other agent for us.  She was wonderful in dealing with our home owners association and the title company and during the escrow, she was with us all the way!   We highly recommend her for what ever you are selling !

Robert & Beth Millar